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Machine Screws

Machine Screws in Eastbourne, East Sussex: Versatile Fasteners for Precision Engineering.

At CBL Fastenings, we offer high-quality machine screws in Eastbourne, East Sussex, designed for precision and versatility. Widely used across multiple industries such as manufacturing, electronics, automotive, and machinery, our machine screws are a staple for both professional and DIY applications. They are indispensable for attaching materials like plastics and metals, assembling machinery, and securing components in various products, ensuring reliability in both small and large-scale projects.

CBL Fastenings stock over 11,000 products and we are adding these to our website all the time.

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Machine Screws


Countersunk Pozi

Raised Countersunk Pozi


Cheese Slot

Raised Countersunk Slot

Countersunk Slot

Round Slot


Pan Torx

Countersunk Torx

Button Torx

Pinned Torx

Pinned Countersunk Torx

Pinned Button Torx


Pinned Countersunk Hex

Pinned Countersunk Torx

Pinned Button Torx

Pinned Button Hex

2 Hole/Snake Eye Countersunk

Power 6 Pin Torx Taptite

Cup Square Hex (BZP only)

Cup Square

Shear Nut


Hex Set Taptite

Flange Hex Set Taptite

Pan Pozi Taptite

Countersunk Pozi Taptite

Countersunk Torx Taptite

Power 6 Pin Torx Taptite

Power 6 Pin Torx Taptite

Understanding Machine Screws

Machine screws, also known as precision fasteners, are manufactured to strict DIN and ISO standards. They feature a uniform diameter along the thread’s full length and a flat point, commonly using metric threads with a standard metric coarse pitch. These screws can be either screwed into a pre-tapped hole and tightened with a driver or inserted through a pre-drilled hole and secured with a nut and washer.

Material Choices and their Applications

Our machine screws are available in a variety of materials, each offering specific benefits for different uses and environments:

  • A2 & A4 Stainless Steel: Ideal for outdoor and harsh environments due to their corrosion resistance.
  • Zinc Plated and Black Zinc Plated: Suitable for indoor use, often utilized in electronics and general applications.

Common Sizes and Head Types

Machine screws come in a range of sizes and head types to suit various needs:

  • Sizes: Most commonly used sizes range from M1.6 to M6, with lengths between 3mm and 100mm. As the thread diameter increases, longer lengths become available.
  • Head Types:
    • Flat head countersunk
    • Raised countersunk
    • Pan head
    • Cheese head

Drive Types

The main types of drives for machine screws include:

  • Pozi drive
  • Phillips drive
  • Slotted drive
  • Torx/Star drive

Selecting the Right Machine Screw

When choosing the appropriate machine screw, consider the following factors:

  • Material: Select a material suitable for the environmental conditions and strength requirements.
  • Drive Type: Consider the required torque and installation conditions.
  • Head Type: Decide if the head should be flush with the material or if a raised head is acceptable.
  • Size: Ensure the correct thread diameter and length for the intended use. For smaller sizes, use digital calipers to get an accurate measurement of the thread diameter.


Machine screws are crucial components in modern assembly and manufacturing. At CBL Fastenings, we provide a comprehensive range of machine screws in Eastbourne, East Sussex, ensuring optimal performance for any project. Whether you are securing delicate electronics or assembling heavy machinery, our machine screws offer the precision and reliability you need. Explore our selection today and find the perfect fasteners for your applications.

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