Back in July 2018 we had a SOS to find some imperial lock nuts in brass for an outboard battery belonging to ‘Moody Blue’ – a damsel in distress on a tight schedule to get to Normandie, but going no where fast!

Owner Mike sent his trusted neighbour down to CBL Fastenings to try and find the vital parts needed to set him back to sea and toward his intended destination – Portbail.

We went full steam ahead and within 48hrs had identified, sourced and sent out replacement bolts. Mike was successfully able to sail off into the sunset on his adventure and send us a thank- you post card upon arrival to France.

“Took 20 minutes to get to Normandie due to light winds and strong tides. Off to Guernsey then Alderney finishing off in Cherbourg in time for Bastille Day events – thank you”