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Security Fastenings

CBL Fastenings stock thousands of security fastenings and we are adding these to our website all the time.

If the product you are searching for isn’t yet available to buy online or if you would like to order a larger quantity please contact our sales team at sales@cblfastenings.co.uk or call  01323 325319  for a price.

Security Fastenings

Self Tapping Security Screws

Pinned Countersunk Torx S/Tapper AB

Pinned Pan Torx S/Tapper AB

Security Bolts

Cup Square

Self-Tapping Security Machine Screws

2 Hole/Snake Eye Countersunk Machine Screw

Pinned Torx

Pinned Button Torx

Pinned Countersunk Torx

Pinned Socket

Pinned Socket Button

Pinned Countersunk Socket

Power 6 Pin Torx Taptite

Power 6 Pin Torx Taptite

Security Nuts

Shear Nuts

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