Here at CBL Fastenings we can offer you a system to suit your company needs rather than an off the shelf system that only meets 75% of your requirements.

We will listen to what YOU want and will tailor the system to suit your companies requirements. From a completely managed materials system to a simple 2 Bin or Fax Back system we can cater for all your requirements.

The advantages of a system are…

Never run out of stock Never get overstocked Fixed price agreed for each item in the system Minimizes wastage Encourages good housekeeping


We can also hold stock for you at our premises for call off when required.

The advantages of CBL Fastening Holding Stock for you are;

• You get a better price as you are ordering larger quantities of product

• You only pay for what you call off

• No lead time on manufacture so no delay on deliveries

• Save you warehouse space

• Immediate delivery